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I offer a freelance proofreading service based near Northampton which covers all types of documents for companies, publishers, organisations and individuals.

These include:

  • magazines and books
  • training manuals
  • marketing materials
  • promotional literature
  • online editing
  • diaries
  • financial reports
  • dissertations
  • website text
  • newsletters

When proofreading your work the following tasks will include:

  • checking spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • checking for consistency in use of capitals, names and common phrases
  • checking accuracy of data transferred from a document to a finished file
  • checking page, section and paragraph numbering
  • ensuring illustrations and captions match with each other and the text
  • marking any queries that cannot be resolved.

I have established a solid customer base due to my commitment to a confidential, reliable and high quality service.

I am willing to undertake a wide range of subjects of any size and at short notice if necessary.





WelcomeAbout UsServicesPricesContact Us
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